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Pizza & Wine


Our pizzas are topped with the freshest ingredients & quattro formaggi cheese. We also offer gluten-free crusts.

Cheese – marinara sauce and mozzarella
Margherita – marinara sauce + roma tomatoes + fresh mozzarella and basil
Bianca – caramelized onions + roasted garlic + blue cheese or feta and mozzarella
Pesto – pistachio pesto + Roma tomatoes + kalamata olives + and mozzarella
Greek – basil vinaigrette + Roma tomatoes + red onions + kalamata olives + feta + mozzarella and arugula
Mediterranean – marinara sauce + artichokes + kalamata olives + feta and mozzarella
Vegetarian – marinara sauce + spinach + mushrooms + roasted red peppers + garlic and mozzarella
Alfredo Roasted Vegetable – Alfredo sauce + potatoes + roasted red peppers + cheddar and mozzarella
Chicken Bacon Alfredo – Alfredo sauce + chicken + spinach + bacon + red onions and mozzarella
Chicken Pesto – pistachio pesto + chicken + roasted red peppers + feta and mozzarella
Barbecue Chicken Potato – barbecue sauce + potatoes + chicken + red onions and mozzarella
Italian Sausage & Mushroom – marinara sauce + sausage + mushrooms and mozzarella
Italian Sausage & Roasted Peppers – marinara sauce + sausage + roasted red peppers + green olives & mozzarella
Pepperoni – marinara sauce + pepperoni and mozzarella
Nacho Chicken – sour cream + house made salsa + Roma tomatoes + chicken + red onions + blue corn tortillas + pepperoncini + cheddar and mozzarella
Thai Peanut Chicken – spicy peanut sauce + chicken + carrots + red onions + mozzarella + red cabbage and sriracha
Pesto Sausage Breakfast Pizza – potatoes + sausage + egg + roasted peppers + mozzarella and cheddar
Alfredo Bacon Breakfast Pizza – potatoes + egg + bacon + spinach + mozzarella and cheddar


Large Tossed Salad – with choice of house made dressings: French | Blue Cheese | Ranch | Creamy Herb | Basil Vinaigrette | Balsamic Vinaigrette
Caesar Salad – with fresh baked chicken
Greek Salad – romaine + tomatoes + artichokes + olives + feta + pepperoncini
Cafe Special Salad – romaine + tomatoes + olives + sunflower seeds + cheddar
Black Bean & Guacamole Sampler - guacamole + black bean dip + salsa + sour cream + tortilla chips
Spread Sampler – sonoma basil + truffles pate + vegetable spread of the day: served with tomatoes, red onions, cucumbers and baguette
Crostini – pistachio pesto + romas + mozzarella

White Wine

Rombauer Chardonnay, CA – ripe apple, bright citrus + melon, layered w/creme brûlée and spices
Boomtown Chardonnay, WA – steel aged, crisp with passion fruit notes and silky smooth finish
Pintupi 9, The White, Australia – dry and zesty with aromas of citrus, melon and white blossom
Garzon Pinot Noir Rose, Uruguay – rose petals, watermelon, strawberries and cream
Villa San Martino Pinot Grigio, Italy – this wine is complete and harmonious
Sokol Blosser Evolution Riesling, OR – dry creamy texture with peach, floral hunts and spice
Giacomo Grimaldi Sauv Blanc, NZ – honeydew, lime, green pepper, perfect and balanced
Walnut Block Sauv Blanc, NZ – smooth with exotic fruit and citrus flavors, long silky finish
Prosecco / Rose / Moscato - 187ML 

Red Wine

Garzon Tannat, Uruguay – raspberry and cherry aromas, plum, rhubarb + dark chocolate
Boomtown Cabernet, WA – full bodied, chocolate richness, vanilla notes
Benziger Cabernet, CA – rich mouth feel with dried cherries and a hint of sage and lavender
No Fine Print Cabernet, CA – such and fruity, palate is balanced and bright, compulsively drinkable
Tangley Oaks Merlot, CA – rich plums, dark cherries, chocolate and savory herbs
North Valley Pinot Noir, OR – nose of plums, spice, black cherries and earth, Oregon excellence
Grand Bois Cotes-Du-Rhone, France – aromas of red fruit and blackcurrant, spices and will-balanced tannin
Disruption Red Blend, WA – flavors of red and black fruit, spices, smoke and high-tone aromas
Trust Tatt Red Blend, WA – strawberry pastille nose and finishes with a snap of white pepper
Saldo Zinfadel, CA – flavors of Mexican chocolate, cherry and vanilla extract
Vaglio Malbec, Mendoze – rich plump black fruits and spiciness on the nose
Stolpman Syrah, CA – full and hefty in body, juicy and fruity blackberry, perfection
Ciacci Piccolomini, Italy – fruity and full bodied, hints of spices, soft and balanced

Beer + Cider

Crispin Honeycrisp 
Assorted Beer Bottles
Surly 1st Ave, Hell, Furious Bender